functional movement | myofascial release

As a leader in the self-massage movement and the founder of Wellround, Betsy works to empower individuals to take their wellness into their own hands. Shortly after she began teaching yoga in 2011 (ERYT 500), she dove into the fascinating world of studying and working with fascia.


Before that, Betsy taught meditation and worked as a women's health and stress-reduction researcher. And before that, she fell in love with the healing power of self-expression through movement forms such as dance and martial arts.


Today Betsy shares tools for liberation through self-healing using an accessible alchemy of mind-body practices from the East, the West, and her own lived experience. Many of Betsy’s offerings are available online and are designed to support and educate both wellness professionals and lay people alike.

Current Offerings:

MON 10 - 11am MFR + Functional Movement (ZOOM)

Wellround - Monthly Workshop (ZOOM)


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