To our New School Collective communitY, 


When we launched New School Collective in Fall 2020, our aim was to experiment with a new context for guided practice that would better support teachers and students throughout the pandemic. We had no idea where that experiment would take us long-term, but we knew that we needed an immediate solution to maintain and grow a sense of community despite the isolation we all sensed. 


In many ways, the process of building this collective has loosely followed the scientific method (or as closely as a bunch of yoga teachers could pull off…) We observed our reality, asked questions, researched cooperative business structures, proposed a solution, and ran wild with an experiment that we all feel proud of. 


In no other studio context have we as teachers felt so connected to our fellow instructors and felt so directly supported by our students and community. This experiment kept many of us afloat, financially and emotionally, during the past 2 years and we sincerely hope that we’ve been able to bring joy and comfort to our community of students through this experiment. 


The conclusion? After watching the demand for online classes slow down this last year, we feel that our efforts are best spent on our individual pursuits. While we all remain teachers at heart, some of our collective members have moved on to new careers and others have found spaces to continue teaching as New School Collective disbands. We hope you’ll stay in touch with the teachers who guided you throughout the pandemic! Below are links to each of our websites - please poke around, find our online schedules, our in-person classes, our mailing lists, our life updates, etc. 


We are SO grateful for the support of our community. Thank you,

Thank you!.png