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As a breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher, and integrative healing practitioner, Tai draws on a wide toolkit to support mindful inquiry and embodied resource and resilience. Her approach is one of tracking upstream to discover the roots of symptoms manifesting downstream, addressing both the physical level (the body and nervous system) and the deeper aspects of “soul” (that which exists beyond the realms of the mind). Her orientation is one of bringing compassionate presence to the deepest aspects of one’s being, in support of integrating impressions of the past so one can be more available to the gifts of the present.


Tai’s formal studies in yoga began in 2003 and she received teaching certification while in residence at the Himalayan Institute, studying under the direction of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Dr. Rolf Sovik, Sheri Friedrichsen, and Sandra Anderson. Her focus has been exploring yogic orientations to the nature of mind, pranayama, and meditation practices encompassing concentration, systematic relaxation, and more insight-based techniques. Tai has also spent time in residence in a Zen Buddhist monastery, and draws on deep roots in Buddhism, Tantra, Shamanism, and somatic psychology.


Nearly two decades later, Tai is an Experienced Yoga Teacher & Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance, and through her Seattle-based healing practice, Sword & Lotus, Tai offers private and group breathwork experiences, breathwork facilitator trainings and retreat immersions, and integrated workshops, trainings, and retreats around the world.


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