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ashtangA yoga

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Functional movement focuses on developing full-body coordination and core stability. Rather than strengthening or stretching isolated muscles, functional movement aims to balance our strength, stability and mobility in our joints and core. Training the body to move intelligently through various planes of motion helps us to be more adaptable and efficient in everything we ask of our bodies day to day.


All active yoga practices (like hatha or vinyasa) incorporate some functional movement patterns, specifically in the transitions between postures. Functional movement classes spend more time focusing on fluidity of movement and building control of our full range of motion.


Integral Bodywork utilizes massage, Reiki (universal energy), guided visualization, breath work + somatic techniques to remind your body of its innate homeostasis and radiance. The practitioner creates a safe and grounding container to calm and unwind your nervous system in order to allow your body's natural intelligence to unlock stored energy.


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness usually done in a seated posture, but sometimes done laying down or standing up. Styles of meditation vary-- some focus on breath awareness, others include the use of repeated phrases to focus the mind, others are visualization oriented. All classes will include some explanation of method, some guidance and some quiet time for practice. Please make sure you have a comfortable way to sit for a period of time, such as on a cushion or chair, or make sure you have whatever you need to make your body comfortable for still and quiet practice. 


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body image healing

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Hatha Yoga

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Jiva translates from Sanskrit as individual soul, and Mukti means liberation. Jivamukti yoga was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in 1984 in New York City. It was (and is by my estimation) the harbinger of what we know as modern vinyasa flow yoga in the west, with reverence to the 5,000-year old spiritual tradition of Yoga. Jivamukti is an integrated practice that honors the physical, philosophical and spiritual branches of yoga. Each class emphasizes the importance of practicing with an elevated intention, breath awareness (breaths are counted), mantra, an uplifting soundtrack, and getting to the heart of yoga, Self-study (swadhyaya) through self-inquiry and awareness.

myofascial release

Myofascial release (MFR) is a simple and effective form of self-massage. Like other deep-tissue bodywork, MFR is often both extremely relaxing and uncomfortably intense. Myofascial Release techniques lean heavily on the use of massage balls under body weight, allowing for a deep release of tight, tense, and tangled tissues with very little effort. MFR does wonders on its own or coupled with any movement or embodiment practice to enhance muscle function and recovery, relaxation, mobility, body awareness, injury prevention, immune function, hydration, mood, focus, stress relief, and sleep. You'll need 2 massage balls and their tote (or tennis balls in a sock) as well as a yoga block, a yoga mat and about 3 feet of open wall space to roll against. This practice is beginner friendly and designed with ease and accessibility in mind.

vinyasa yoga

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